Christell Lux Ayurveda

“Ayusho vedah Ayurvedah” Ayurveda means the science of life.
The term “Ayurveda” comprise of two words. “Ayu” which means life or life span and “Veda” which means knowledge or science.

Ayurveda is the oldest holistic medical system in the world. Ayurveda is not only a medical system but also a life style which is mainly optimized to have two main objectives and they are: Maintain the health in healthy (preventive aspect) and to pacify the disease in the diseased (curative aspect).

There have been many innovations and additions to the practice of Ayurveda while preserving the principles and authenticity of the medical system. That is the beauty of Ayurveda.

Our Main Objectives


Our Ayurveda clinic has an Ayurveda Medical Officer who has been certified as a general Ayurveda physician and highly skilled group of therapists for our clients. We provide OPD external medical treatment facilities for our clients. Referral services for our patients are also offered in the events that are considered necessary. Disease conditions we treat with Ayurveda medicine.

Arthritis & Orthopedic Disorders
Neurological Disease conditions
Dermatological Diseases
Head and neck related diseases
Digestive system related disorders


One of our objectives is to help to preserve the health in healthy. We reassure that you will reconnect with your inner self and be relaxed. We administer various Ayurveda external treatments known Panchakarma treatments to regulate he functions of your body and to remove any pain or stress from the body and mind.

Traditional Ayurvedic head therapy using specific herbal oils with specialized gentle strokes and pressing on various marma points (vital points) to alleviate pain, stress and insomnia.

Therapeutic Ayurveda massage concentrating from neck to toe to relieving maximum tension using relative hot herbal oils.

Ayurvedic massage of the feet and palm focusing marma and reflexology points and enhance body and mind relaxation. We use tridosha alleviating herble oils for better result.

Facial massage using herbal soft oils that suitable for the facial skin which removes facial toxins, moisture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and revitalized the facial tissue.

Pouring oil on the whole body to enhance the body activates and coordination of all system of the body.

Pouring the oil over the forehead continuously and rhythmically with a gentle massage using hot herbal oil to relax the mind and for particular disease as headache, sinus cognition, nerve disease and insomnia.

A rejuvenation programme and eye care treatment. Medicated Ghee will be poured to the eye and kept in the eye for sometime

Get rid if your body fitness and nourish the body with milk rice, which cooked as a herbal remedy according to Ayurveda.

Take away your dead skin and promote rejuvenation by enhancing blood circulatory with healing strokes by using fine powder of herbal remedies.

Using herbal properties to draw-away impurities and exfoliates the skin and allow the skin cleansed, toned and revitalized.

Sri Lanka is rich in herbals which can cure lot of diseases; one of the most popular fermantation type is pottani sweda. Using of fresh herbal materials to ferment the body.

Use a wooden steam box with fermented herbs to alleviate pain, reduce body fat, remove body toxins and make the body relax.

Ayurvedic medicine either in the oils or any medicated preparation is infused into the nostrils.

Oil pooling on the back of the neck “Griva Vasti”, oil pooling in lumbosacral region “Kati Vasti”, oil pooling in the knee joint “Janu Vasti”. This time honored intensive treatment is highly recommended for relieving fatigue in the injured joints

Note: Shiro dhara, Nasya, Akshi tharpanaa and other considered therapies will recommended by the doctor according to the body constitution, past medical history, and other requirement of the client.