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There’re many reasons for hair could be due to stress. Hormonal changes. Nutritional deficiencies. Chemical treatments and so much more. The treatment we do includes

  • home care ( vitamins , hair lotions , hair growth sprays ) 
  • platelet rich plasma treatments (Popular)
  • hair growth light therapy. 
  • stem cell treatment ( Only christell clinic does stem cell treatments in the whole country)

  • hair systems

  • hair transplant 

Under eye darkness can be due to staying up till late night , reading and looking at the computer a lot ,genetic and many other reasons. Sometimes creams alone may not help because we may not exactly continue to relax or change our lifestyle or can reverse the cause 100%. 

First you need to come and have a consultation with one of our medical doctors to identify the actual cause. Depending on the cause we can plan the treatment needed. We have a really good undereye lightening package. One session every 2 weeks. 6 sessions in total.

Coolsculpting is a Harvard researched technology where it could reduce 20-30% of fat in a particular area without surgery.  Areas that can be treated are upper /lower tummy, love handles, bra fat, inner thighs, arms area takes one hour and you can do multiple areas on the same day.

We have an amazing holistic package which offers a full medical consultation with our resident female doctor + full body BMI analysis and assessing fat percentages + and if needed a body mineral and heavy metal analysis to check if you have any nutrient deficiencies. •Our treatment combines fat freezing + ultrasound skin tightening ( cavitation ) to tighten the lose skin after freezing + dermatology to improve cellulite 

Scars can occur due to acne / stretch marks / accidents / surgery and the removal of scars unfortunately is not a one-time treatment. It takes many sessions (minimum 8 months if you do once a month)and we use many different types of super safe advanced treatments for this depending on the type and depth of scars. Each treatments costs different amounts which we can discuss during our consultation as we need to see you personally .

Unfortunately , there are no treatments for grey hair in western medicine. However , it can be due to lack of copper. We can prescribe a very effective shampoo specially designed for grey hair , 


Those injections need to be done many many times and for lifetime which is a waste of money and is harmful for the body when done for long.So we don’t do unhealthy , harmful injections like that.