Glow MediFacial


Christell Rejuvina

De-stressing & Rejuvenating facial for normal skin

A facial designed specifically for normal skin types which are feeling stressed, dull and have signs of tiredness, CHRISTELL REJUVINA facial uses fruit active complexes to bring a radiant and healthy glow to your tired skin.

Total time: 60 mins
Recommended frequency of service: Once a month

Christell Derma -glow

Ionization facial for enhanced skin glow for all skin types
This facial is specially designed to give glow, shine and brilliance to the complexion. It also brings about a lightening and even out skin tone while detoxifying the tissues and balancing the skin functions.

Total Time: 60 mins
Recommended frequency of service : twice a month

Christell Radiant Skin Therapy

Radiance MediFacial uses a medical pigment lightening agent with sonoporation to lighten and brighten the skin. The enzymes that are used are the mildest peeling agents available that restore the radiance of healthy skin. A specialist lightening ampule & mask is applied to further lighten the pigmentation and brighten the skin.
Gives an amazing radiant skin immediately.

Duration:60 mins
Sessions: Once a month / 48 – 72 hrs before a party/ event.

Gold Glow Therapies

Christell Luxury Gold

Facial incorporating actives for instant gold like lustering complexion (for all skin complexion)

Facial Incorporating Actives For Instant Gold Like Luster – “Luxury Gold” has a rejuvenating and stimulating effect on the skin due to its metallic action, revitalizing the ions within the body affecting the skin tissues, blood and lymph flows.

Total Time: 60 mins
Recommended frequency of service : once a month