Medi Facials / Specialized Dermal Therapies

Medi Facials / Specialized Dermal Therapies

Nourishing & Hydrating

Christell Hydra rich
Moisture Surge & Nourishing facial for dry skin
A facial that hydrates and nourishes skin, helps maintain a good barrier against environmental toxins. This facial provides optimum protection against free radical environmental damage causing premature ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.
Total Time: 60 mins
Recommended frequency of Service: once a month

Sensitive Skin Dermal Therapies

Calming and soothing properties of the special ingredients used in this treatment is further increased with the use of skin healing light therapies.
Ideal for extremely sensitive skin

Total Time : 60 mins
Recommended frequency : once a month

Glow and Radiance

Christel Rejuvina
De-stressing & Rejuvenating facial for normal skin
A facial designed specifically for normal skin types which are feeling stressed, dull and have signs of tiredness, CHRISTEL REJUVINA facial uses fruit active complexes to bring a radiant and healthy glow to your tired skin.
Total time: 60 mins
Recommended frequency of service: Once a month

Christel Derma -glow
Ionization facial for enhanced skin glow for all skin types
This facial is specially designed to give glow, shine and brilliance to the complexion. It also brings about a lightening and even out skin tone while detoxifying the tissues and balancing the skin functions.
Total Time: 60 mins

Recommended frequency of service : twice a month

Christell Radiant Skin Therapy
Radiance MediFacial uses a medical pigment lightening agent with sonoporation to lighten and brighten the skin. The enzymes that are used are the mildest peeling agents available that restore the radiance of healthy skin. A specialist lightening ampule & mask is applied to further lighten the pigmentation and brighten the skin.
Gives an amazing radiant skin immediately.

60 mins

Sessions: Once a month / 48 – 72 hrs before a party/ event.

Gold Glow Therapies

Christell Luxury Gold
Facial incorporating actives for instant gold like lustering complexion (for all skin complexion)
Facial Incorporating Actives For Instant Gold Like Luster – “Luxury Gold” has a rejuvenating and stimulating effect on the skin due to its metallic action, revitalizing the ions within the body affecting the skin tissues, blood and lymph flows.
Total Time: 60 mins
Recommended frequency of service : once a month

Acne and oily skin

Christel Acnex

This advanced pimple and acne treatment Medi facial is a compendium of plant extracts that are used in controlling infections of the skin. Their action is to primarily root out infections that produce micro organisms and render the area aseptic. It keeps the skin clean for a long time.
Recommended for Shiny, oily and acne prone skin.

Total time : 60 mins
Recommended frequency of service :6 sessions

Christell Oil – Free Rx
Special Active ingredients used to control oil production and the glossy effect on skin.Absolutely effective results in just a few sessions.

Total time : 60 mins

Recommended frequency : 2 sessions per month

Advanced skin lightening treatments

Complexion enhancing Therapy
– Melanin Control and Skin Lightening Treatment
Fairer & Refined Complexion for skin
For All Skin Types – 6 Sessions.
This medi facial has highly concentrated medicinal actives that have synergic effects to control melanin, retain the complexion and make the skin fairer and brighter.
Total time : 60 mins

Pimentation & dark spot Controlling Therapies

CHRISTEL Pigment Control Therapy
Treatment for removing pigmentation and other spots using advanced actives.

Exclusive Treatment For Removing pigmentation Through Advanced Actives this medi facial is formulated to help reduce hyper pigmentation by removing the dead skin cell, regeneration of new cell with controlled melanin.
Total Time: 60 mins
Recommended frequency of Service: 6 sessions