Body toning and Contouring

Body toning and Contouring

Body toning and contouring

Lifting, Slimming, Shaping and a Glowing Appearance
The Velashape Body Contouring System makes it possible!
We are fully committed to your health and well being. Let us restore your body to a firm, toned physique and help you to lose weight fast in an effective but healthy way!

Christell offers you the latest advantages in spa technology. You can now get your body in great shape with the help of a non-invasive, safe and very efficient treatment.
What is the secret behind the Velashape success? It approaches fat loss in a unique way. With the help of its combined technologies, Velashape produces remarkable results, not only in terms of weight loss, but it also shapes and tones specific problem zones. It is also known for impressive improvements with cellulite and sagging skin.
How is that possible? The combined actions of high tech vacuum pressure and massage rollers stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage while also allowing the infrared and radiofrequency emitters to penetrate the skin more deeply.
The benefits of the Velashape treatments at one glance:

  • Stimulation of lymphatic and blood circulation, essential for a healthy looking skin;
  • Promotes transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body;
  • Supports the activity of fibroblast, the cells in your connective tissue that are crucial for wound healing;
  • Increases your metabolism and boosts the conversion of burning fat cells;
  • Improves skin texture, slims and shapes your body;
  • Reduces Cellulite and tightens skin

The powerful Velashape body contouring treatment will help you get the body shape you always wanted.
Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed! As this treatment is very popular, we highly recommend that you call for an early appointment.