Why Us

The most advanced cosmetic skin care centre in the nation combining the perfect blend of aesthetics and medical science to offer clients a solution to all skin,hair and body care needs.
Every individual’s needs are different and thus we prescribe treatments best suited to your required goals, priorities and tolerance to pain combining signature services and highly effective products with cutting edge non-surgical medical technology.

Expert Team Of Doctors ,Cosmetic Surgeons ,Cosmetologists ,Dermal therapists

25 Years Of Experience

25 years of experience in non-invasive & non-surgical skin treatments have given us a rare insight into the needs of clients of all ethnicities. This has enabled us to select and create new treatment plans with the least downtime and virtually painless skin treatments.

Incorporate US FDA Approved Technologies And Treatments

We have exclusive access to the latest US FDA approved technologies and treatments that Prof.Ramani and Dr.Shanika study during their travels across the world. This has enabled us to bring into our clinic best practices and skincare treatments from USA and Europe and Asia.

Use Of World-Class Leading Technologies

We believe in using the latest technology from global leaders in skincare to keep the clinic up to date with international training. Unrestricted access to break-through research and developments, information and technology, and the seamless flow of medical and aesthetic know-how is encouraged at Christell Skin Clinic.

Ensure Your Safety

All the medical treatments at Christell Skin Clinic are conducted using the highest skincare protocol. All skincare plans are formulated by Dr.Shanika and Prof.Ramani. Medical equipment is handled only by trained professionals.

Christell Skin Clinic is committed to achieve excellence by being able to provide a holistic service by fusing medical expertise with over 2 decades of experience. It is well-known for its outstanding patient care with the primary focus to consistently strive for the highest ratings of satisfaction from its clientele.