Kaushini Haputhanthri

I’m so glad I found this wonderful place and finally could say goodbye to a great deal of scars on my face in just a couple of months! Dr. Shanika has always been extremely attentive and caring during all the sessions I’ve had with her. She would go out of the way to help you and make sure you end up with a truly healthy skin. It’s not always that you run into doctors like her. Mrs. Ramani Arsacularatne and the staff also have been really kind and helpful at all times. The place is clean and tidy and all that you could ask for to close your eyes and just let their magic work! smile emoticon

Deepa Augustine

Dr Shanika is a very good qualified docter & also very kind sweet docter her staff is also very good and do their job very well. I am very lucky to find a good place like this I wish them all the best from the bottom of my heart

Ransarani Pathirana

I’m so lucky to find an excellent place like this. Dr.Shanika is very friendly and her staff as well.I would like to recommend Christell Skin Clinic for anyone who is suffering from acne and acne scars.Thanks a lot for making a significant change in me within few months

Heshani Shashikala

I highly recommend this place to everyone. Dr. Shanika is really good and friendly. Not only her but the staff too. I was happy with the improvement after my treatment.

Tharushi Rathugama

I am so glad about this place and my treatments are very successful. Christell skin clinic is an excellent place. Thanks to Mrs.Ramani, Dr.Shanika and Staff

Uganya Shanmuganathan De Zilva

Uganya Shanmuganathan De Zilva reviewed Christell Skin Clinic — 5 star
January 7 ·
I am really happy about the service! Dr. Shanika and Staff All the very best for the year 2016 smile emoticon

Shehara Gordon

I’m glad that I found this place. Thank you do much for everything. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends too